Insulation Facts

Without adequate insulation approximately a third of energy used for heating and cooling is wasted. Using glasswool insulation is one of the most efficient ways of reducing your power bills.

Professionally installed insulation reduces heat transfer in or out of your home ensuring your home stays warm in winter and cool in summer.

Advantages of EarthWool:

Advantages of EarthWool download

Advantages of EarthWool

  • Naturally brown, warranted for the life of the building
  • Fire safe - unlike other types of insulation
  • Earthwool is non-combustible
  • Excellent sound insulator - Earthwool absorbs sound making your home quieter
  • Low allergenic - No added formaldehyde means high air quality
  • Made of recycled glass - reduces waste
  • Not as itchy - easy to install and less residue
  • No oil based chemicals
  • No artificial colours

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